16 April 2016

Update your Bomber Jacket this Summer with some Shine like Miles Teller

Bomber jackets are here to stay. Even though we're early into the SS16 season it's undeniable they've become an essential piece to everyone's wardrobe. They first had their comeback little over a year a go in their original canvas and jersey fabrics, which were often seen in black and navy. A few months later, with a few thousand more people in their pocket, nylon styles in black and burgundy seemed to be the most popular. However, the clear winner of the bomber jacket popularity contest is khaki – if you keep an eye out for them on the street you'll undoubtedly count them by the dozens.

I have been collecting bombers in all fabrics and colours over the past couple of years – grey jersey, burgundy canvas, navy faux-suede, tan suede and khaki nylon. It's fair to say I am well-covered but there is nothing I enjoy less than wearing the same pieces as everyone else. That's why I am fast jumping on the next bomber jacket trend-wagon, which some celebrities  – Justin Bieber, Miles Teller (pictured above), Jake Gyllenhaal – are already sporting. The 'shiny bomber' is harder to pull off as it's more of a statement. However, when choosing the material and colours correctly, it's a great off-beat way to approach the ubiquitous trend. You should aim for satin styles as the shine feels more natural (no sunglasses required) but there are a bunch of great synthetic choices if, like me, you don't fancy robbing a bank.

Clockwise from left:
Acne Studios Selo satin bomber jacket (At Matchesfashion.com)

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