31 March 2015

The best Roast you'll have all week: Justin Bieber on Comedy Central

I had never heard of Comedy Central's Roast show until a few weeks ago when the whole of the US media started announcing that Justin Bieber would be a the centre (on the tray?) of their latest episode, which aired last night in the States. The truth is I probably would have never watched it had I not been bombarded with teasers for weeks – but therein lies the power of advertising.

It must be said that I am not a fan of comedy in general. I detest stand up and I normally don't enjoy funny movies because, well, they're just not very funny. But I do like laughing. A lot.
So I pretty much surprised myself when I felt this eagerness to watch the Biebs being 'roasted'. I can't remember the last time I found a comedy program funny but this kept me actually 'lolling' the whole way through. Maybe it's because it was mostly a cruel, borderline insulting and slightly racist sense of humour.
The program itself could have been about anyone other than Bieber. The majority of the best jokes were actually between the roasters without a mention of the rostee. Lots of commentary on whether Justin redeemed himself can be found online today but was that the point? I don't have a strong opinion about the singer but I will always be grateful to him for initiating what have been some of the funniest moments of my recent life.

You can watch the whole show below.

30 March 2015

The Summer of Denim


I spent part of my Sunday evening clearing out my computer folders. Over the years I've piled up a lot of editorial and street style images and I like to go through them every once in a while to keep the ones I still like after years and get rid of the rest.
With hundreds of pictures gone it was pretty clear that I always have been very drawn to denim. Yes, we all wear jeans pretty often but I do genuinely never leave the house without denim on my back. Luckily for me the experts (?) predict this summer to be very denim-based even encouraging us to go for the much-dreaded double-denim, which I've actually always loved.
There are two ways of wearing denim. The first, to include only one piece, be it jeans, a jacket, a shirt (chambray counts) or even this season trendy piece – the work jackets. Oxford shirts, blazers and cardigans are much welcome for combinations. Especially in white, black and beige or, my two favourite, khaki and navy.
The second, less safe, way is to double your denim. You can hardly go wrong by wearing your blue jacket with your grey or black jeans, or vice versa  (see Fig.1) – you need to really suck to make this look bad. But it becomes trickier when playing with different shades of blue. My personal advise is to keep washes classic. Avoid too many sand shades and and crotch side lines and try for either the jeans or the jacket to be a tad darker than the other (see Fig. 2)

I bought my new favourite pair of classic jeans recently in Paris by my current favourite brand AMI. They have a slight air of 80's, which gives outfits a really easy feel. For a denim jacket I would recommend All Saints. Their slim (not tight) fits and timeless washes make them perfect to go with you through the year. But for the picture below I chose a Levi's Vintage Clothing style with some very cool distressed detailing.


28 March 2015

Three Dutch films that can't be missed

I always find it hard to talk about foreign film without sounding like a pretentious bastard who prefers a three-hour Japanese drama over watching Iron Man. Why not both? If you have a look at the list of the films I watch week by week – and you can do so here my Letterboxd diary – you'll find out I'm anything but a snob when it comes to film. With exceptions and to different degrees, of course, I pretty much love all films.

With that out of the way, I'd like to now rave a bit about this Dutch film I watched last night entitled "Jongens" in its original language, "Boys" in English. There seems to be a bit of a wave of really good cinema from the last couple of years concentrating on gay coming of age stories. This one, intended for the small screen in its home country, joins this wave with a modern and (it seems to me) realistic take on things. Watch "Jongens" on iTunes here.
If you enjoy "Jongens", I recommend "North Sea Texas" (Belgium) and "The Way He Looks" (Brazil)

I have a habit of looking through everyone's imdb profile after watching a film. Last night this took me to the main actor's profile: Gijs Blom. At only 18 he seems to be not only a promising actor but also a filmmaker with a pretty solid short – "Escapade" – directed and co-written by him, which you can watch below.

"Escapade" somehow took me to another, slightly more mature, short film. There is something fascinating about how the Dutch portray friendship in film, which is actually a bit in line with the way the Swedes and Norwegians do it too. But that I'll save for another day. Here below the second short film, "Ballen", which takes it very own spin on cancer as a subject but it's mainly about friendship too.