14 April 2014

The Best 8 Printed Shirts to Wear this Summer


Even though we don't seem to be enjoying much of a spring – in London anyway – I have a feeling that summer is creeping up on us and trying to catch us off guard... I am not the greatest fan of summer wear for men because it leaves very little room to change things up day to day. Luckily, the last couple of seasons have seen the rise of the short-sleeved shirt, which has come back to be cool. Particularly this season, they come in all colours, collar styles and prints. And it's the latter than I am crazy about. A shirt always looks better than a tee or a polo and when they're as fun as these, they become the perfect addition to classic denim shorts. You can easily dress them up or down and they guarantee a lack of boredom in your summer wardrobe. These above, are my favourite 8 picks.

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