30 July 2013

How to Wear a Camo Blazer, by Eric Daman


This past weekend Eric Daman appeared as a guest judge on the latest episode of Project Runway. If his name doesn't ring any bells, his work will. Daman is the talented stylist and costume designer behind Gossip Girl – the genius behind Chuck Bass' wardrobe.
He is known for his eccentric style - particularly the Jack Sparrow-esque accessorising. But if you look past the extravagance, you will find really on-point looks like the one he wore on the TV show. This is possibly the best way to wear a camouflage blazer. Paired with a classic blue oxford shirt you add a preppy classic touch, which translates the camo print from street-wear territory to tailoring refinement. Worn with a pair of also muted navy chinos and perhaps a pair of beige suede brogues it becomes the perfect look for a cool night out if what you're looking for is to make a statement without being loud.

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