17 March 2016

Vans Celebrates 50th Anniversary: Here's 12 pairs you can't do without

This week Vans celebrates its 50th birthday. Everything started in California, 1966 with a man's idea to improve the deck shoe. The rubber sole and the multiple choices of upper fabrics made it quickly become popular amongst surfers, which later int he 70's made it a hit among skateboarders. The original lace-up shoe then branched out into slip-ons and the original Old Skools in the late 70's. The checkerboard became an instant hit in the 80's. Over the next 30 years the brand would continue to innovate and gather new fans from all walks of life while staying true to their streetwear and sports origins.
To celebrate such a big milestone for one of my all-time favourite brands (I bought my first pair at 15) I put together a selection of 12 pairs – classic and seasonal – that will be excellent additions to your wardrobe.

From top to bottom and left to right: Classic Slip-Ons in black and white Checkerboard Canvas,

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