02 February 2016

Globe-Trotter: The only way to travel (with luggage)

A suitcase isn't just a way to transport your personal belongings from A to B, it reflects the kind of man that you are. Just like it happens with watches and shoes, the style and condition of your travel companion says more about yourself than you think. This is why choosing the right kind suitcase is essential.

Some might think that Louis Vuitton luggage or Goyard trunks are the way to go. However, they would be wrong. A true self-respecting man would only choose Globe-Trotter. The heritage brand has been producing their unmistakable pieces in the UK since 1932 and was a favourite of Winston Churchill and Queen Elizabeth II and the current choice of Daniel Craig, David Beckham and Eddie Redmayne.
My biggest surprise when I first got up close to a Globe-Trotter case was how light it was. And therein lies the best thing about the brand. Their now iconic travel cases are produced from a sheet of vulcanised fibreboard that is as strong as leather and as light as aluminum. So you get the best of a classic design with the most fantastic functionality.
The brand also offers all kinds of colour combinations for the fibreboard, the leather detailing and the inner lining as well as certain personalisation options. Occasionally, they also offer a more limited run of products like they did with their collaborations with Turnbull & Asser and Missoni and their latest one with James Bond's Spectre collection.

You can get a closer look at Globe-Trotter at their London flagship store on 35 Albemarle Street or shop a selection of their products online at their store or over at Mr Porter.

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