26 January 2016

Cropped Jeans: How to pull them off

Cropped tailored trousers have been around for a while and growing in popularity each season. When cut properly, they elongate your legs and update your look making it look more modern. And so it seemed pretty logical for the cropped jean to follow suit.
After being a big hit as a new shape for women last season they're now being translated into men's shapes for the spring/summer season. It should be noted that while they work with different personal styles they are not for everyone – don't let your dad wear them.

They are, in essence, the cropped version of a straight jean. But beware, you will not achieve the same effect from chopping off your old 501's. Like all jeans, they taper ever so slightly and the heavier bottom hem makes them fall and move in a particular way.
The trick for a great fit is to find a style that feels like a slim jean from the thigh upwards and that loosens up downwards. Always make sure that 4-5cm of your ankle are bare – your jeans must never touch your shoes when you're standing.

Although you may wear them as you please, I'd recommend staying clear of high tops or chunky shoes. Low sneaker styles similar to Stan Smith's or Stefan Janoski's are your friends. Most smart shoes should also work.
When wearing socks go to the extremes. Either go invisible ones or wear longer than standard socks – remember your jeans will go up when you sit down and there's nothing worse than that awkward bit of skin shown between trousers and socks.

To give this new shape your first go I'd recommend one of these three styles (from left to right):

Note: If, like me, you need to get your jeans altered even when they're cropped make sure get your alterations done by someone who understands denim and who will keep a light tapered hem and keep the original denim finishings.

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