10 May 2015

Get the Saint Laurent Floral Shirt Look for Less at Uniqlo


After years of just being something that your middle-aged uncle from Miami would wear short-sleeve floral-printed shirts became a big thing last summer. I posted some of my favourite styles about a year ago on the blog prompted by the success of the ubiquitous Saint Laurent floral shirt. I found myself quite into the idea of including it in my wardrobe but at over £500 a pop it didn't seem like the wisest choice.
Despite it being quite a trendy piece that you might get tired of quickly it can easily become that summer staple piece you throw on with a pair of jeans and a cool pair of sneakers to really stand out. Luckily, the way fashion works means such super trendy pieces will inevitably trickle down to high street shops for us mortals to have a chance at trying them out. And that's exactly what has happened. Uniqlo recently launched a mini collection of floral shirts so evidently inspired by Saint Laurent's styles that you might just think you're wearing the real deal – and it will only set you back £19.90 so you can have more than one style to vary.

You can shop the red style here and the black version here.

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