12 April 2015

My Favourite Sneakers: The New Balance CT300 & CRT300

My loving relationship with New Balance started quite late in my life, about two years ago. It was then that I bought my first pair – a bright orange pair of ML574's. I have worn and still wear a lot of different brands but New Balance continue to be the most comfortable. The reason why I didn't buy a second pair for a long while is because they tend to be a little too chunky for my taste and include way too many different pieces and details. I don't like a lot of fuss in my shoes.
Flash forward to September 2014. That's when the brand first reintroduced the CT300's as a reedition of a 1979 tennis shoe model. A capsule collection of the upgraded style – CRT300 – came out later in collaboration with different leading sneaker shops in the world. My favourite style – created with Firmament Berlin – quickly sold out in Europe but I was lucky enough find a pair during my visit to NYC for fashion week. The new style is not only a lot more streamlined and clean than its predecessors but it includes a REVlite insole that makes them extremely light and comfortable.
It then took them a little while to start producing commercial models in more conventional colour ways but, in the meantime, I managed to snatch a second pair on eBay from a smaller limited edition in grey and blue, which I haven't stopped wearing ever since.
This season, finally, the brand has started releasing 300's in four new colours: white with blue, white with red, grey and green. I'd buy them all but the piles of shoe boxes in my room will soon stop me from opening the door and so I must restrain myself in order to be able to wear them out.

They're currently available in the UK at ASOS and Size and obviously at the coolest sneaker shops in the world: Firmament Berlin, Bows and Arrows and Kith.


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