30 March 2015

The Summer of Denim


I spent part of my Sunday evening clearing out my computer folders. Over the years I've piled up a lot of editorial and street style images and I like to go through them every once in a while to keep the ones I still like after years and get rid of the rest.
With hundreds of pictures gone it was pretty clear that I always have been very drawn to denim. Yes, we all wear jeans pretty often but I do genuinely never leave the house without denim on my back. Luckily for me the experts (?) predict this summer to be very denim-based even encouraging us to go for the much-dreaded double-denim, which I've actually always loved.
There are two ways of wearing denim. The first, to include only one piece, be it jeans, a jacket, a shirt (chambray counts) or even this season trendy piece – the work jackets. Oxford shirts, blazers and cardigans are much welcome for combinations. Especially in white, black and beige or, my two favourite, khaki and navy.
The second, less safe, way is to double your denim. You can hardly go wrong by wearing your blue jacket with your grey or black jeans, or vice versa  (see Fig.1) – you need to really suck to make this look bad. But it becomes trickier when playing with different shades of blue. My personal advise is to keep washes classic. Avoid too many sand shades and and crotch side lines and try for either the jeans or the jacket to be a tad darker than the other (see Fig. 2)

I bought my new favourite pair of classic jeans recently in Paris by my current favourite brand AMI. They have a slight air of 80's, which gives outfits a really easy feel. For a denim jacket I would recommend All Saints. Their slim (not tight) fits and timeless washes make them perfect to go with you through the year. But for the picture below I chose a Levi's Vintage Clothing style with some very cool distressed detailing.


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