02 August 2014

Frank's 21 Favourite Albums from the 21st Century

Earlier this week I made a two-day stop in my hometown between the end of my holidays in Portugal and my return to London. One late night, drinking beer in the 33-degree heat with some of my oldest friends, we started talking music and how hard it was to find albums you enjoyed from beginning to end. We each threw some names around – some which we agreed on and some the rest had never heard of. And that was that. When I got back to London, I stumbled across this article from American GQ listing their 21 essential albums from the 21st century. I sent the link around to my friends and it seemed only natural to challenge each other to put together our own lists of favourites, which we did on Facebook. I then thought it would be a good idea to share them here with the hope that some of you will also share some of your favourites that I might have missed or to simply rejoice in our matches.
I was able to find most of them on iTunes apart from Zazie's 'Rodéo Tour', which you can listen to here, and Tom Odell's original EP, which isn't available anywhere anymore, so I shared his full album.

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