22 April 2014

My Easter (NIKEiD-Induced) Shoe Dilemma

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 18.41.34

Even though I didn't work or think of fashion at all over this brilliant Easter break we've had, I could hardly resist to go for a little play on Nike ID on Saturday morning. Even though my friends and family tease me constantly over my obsession (and purchases) with shoes I always feel like my collection isn't quite complete. As part of this mission to create the perfect shoe collection, I felt it was necessary to add a pair of Nike Air Max, which I have never had. I've been looking for months but can't seem to find any colour styles I like and so Nike ID was the perfect way to put a remedy to this.
My dream style is mostly made of suede, with nice earthy tones and a bit more of a luxury feel, rather than sportswear. And so I went for a light grey base with deep green and beige and the classic white sole and chamber, as well as the white Nike logo in leather for a bit of a contrast.
Before I decide to click 'buy' and wait the very hard 5 weeks it will take for them to come home to me, I wanted to ask your opinion – should I go for it?

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