26 March 2014

ASOS celebrates Nike Air Max Day

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Today Nike celebrates 27 years since the launch of the now iconic Air Max shoe. To help them celebrate such an occasion and given that the shoe is having a revival like never before ASOS is hosting a Goolge+ hangout today.
During the hangout, MTV's Rebecca Dudley, stylist Natasha Wray and ASOS Fashion Editor Zeba Lowe will share their tips on how to wear your Nike Air Max to work, all day and in the evening.
To make it even more fun, a spy cam of sorts will be placed at the super cool ASOS HQ in London allowing participants to see how ASOS staff and models wear Nike Air Max pieces from the archive (which I can't wait to see!).

Fun as it will be, the experience wouldn't be complete without a bit of Nike shopping. That is why Google is making the hangout shoppable so you can both watch and buy from their Google Display Network.
To top it all off, ASOS will be running a series of promotions and competitions during the day on their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so make sure you keep an eye on those.

Like so many other people I've become such a Nike junky on the past couple of years but I am yet to get my hands on the perfect pair of Air Max. Take a look at ASOS selection here and let me know which one is your favourite style.

Use the hashtag #ASOSAir tomorrow to join in!

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