30 March 2014

A close look inside Karl Lagerfeld's new London flagship store


Just over a week ago, on my 26th birthday to be precise, I stopped by the newly opened Karl Lagerfeld store in London to see what the Kaiser had done for the latest outpost of his empire. As you would expect, black and white reign over the space with the odd shimmer of gold and silver. Every single angle and display is polished and designed for a store that couldn't have got any closer to the spirit of the designer.
Lagerfeld's SS14 namesake collection shares the space with a capsule collection especially designed for the London shop – an anglified version of the designer's staple wardrobe. Accessories, books and Legerfeld paraphernalia all come together as a sort of commercial shrine to the most iconic fashion wunderkind of our generation.
As well as browsing in the usual fashion customers are able to flick through the latest collections on the collection of iPads spread around the store making it very easy to find what you are looking for. The highlight of the store, however, has to be interactive service you find in the changing rooms, where you can immortalise your outfit changes in Lagerfeld-branded selfies taken with a wall-incrusted iPad. You are then able to share it across your social media – "hey Bobby, should I buy this?" – or email it to yourself for review later.
I indulged in the art of modern self-portraiture wearing some of my favourite pieces from the SS14 collection, which you can buy already in store and online at a price that will actually surprise you.


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