26 February 2014

How to do Casual Chic, by Dominic Cooper


As of late I've realised how much less time I spend thinking about what I wear, probably because I haven't had any time for it. In any case, this is quite a departure from what I used to be. Working in fashion can sometimes make you feel like you need to try hard to make it so that other people notice your style.
For the last 3 or 4 years since I started working I have been getting further and further from this idea, seeing how the way you feel in your clothes and how you wear them makes up at least 75% of your look. The other 25%, and also important, is buying good quality, classic pieces. And it is this perfect balance that we see in the picture above – Dominic Cooper wearing a subtle everyday look, which is actually really stylish and crazy cool.
If you think this style has nothing to do with you simply don't try it – and maybe find another blog because mine will be ultra boring for you – but if, like me, you'd be happy to make this your day-to-evening work uniform here is a simple recipe to replicate it yourself. Jimmy Choo's are not essential, but a bit of croc never hurt anyone.

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