01 December 2013

Shopping for DB's and Turtle Necks


I recently got a bit told off by a friend of mine who said I don't always blog about the most affordable fashion. I will not disagree but, truth to be told, I started off Fashion, Frankly as a reflexion of my style aspirations. That being said, I will try to at least give you all a few more different price options from now on.
I have always been a huge fan of turtle-neck jumpers but up it hasn't been until recently that they have been rid of their stigma of being for the 'mature' thanks to the young stylish celebrities who have been wearing them. Guys like Zayn Malik, Oliver Cheshire or Jack Guinness have give back rollernecks their deserved spot in the evening-wear department. They have become quite the hit paired with double-chested blazers, which also help to add colour and sharper lines to the look. These below are some of my favourite options. And to kick off my new democratic fashion endeavour I have selected choices for every budget.





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Matthew Spade said...

I love these on other people but I can't wear them, I get too hot.

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