29 November 2013

Dolce & Gabbana unveils their Christmas Tree Design for Claridge's Hotel

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Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of spending the evening at  Claridge's – my favourite London hotel – to celebrate the unveiling of this year's Christmas tree designed by Dolce & Gabbana. As you might expect, this is no ordinary tree. The two designers brought the flavour of their native Sicily using 450 hand-painted Italian baubles depicting images of the sun, citrus groves, almond blossom and prickly pears. The base stood out particularly thanks to the 30 hand-crafted Sicilian Pupi of Medieval inspiration. Colour was obviously the other big focus of the design, especially greens, red, yellows and blues, which finished off the beautiful tree that will stand at Claridge's foyer for the holidays.
Dolce & Gabbana always bring out the coolest guests in town and this was no exception. Stefano Gabbana looked so happy as he greeted muse David Gandy, Heva Herzigova, icon Joan Collins and heartthrobs Thom Evans and Oliver Cheshire – all very appropriately outfitted in their best attire by the designers.
I had the best time walking around the stunning building and enjoying the Christmas vibe (and the awesome nibbles) while the super stylish guests chatted away. Make sure you stop by Claridge's this Christmas!

David Gandy and Stefano Gabbana with Eva Herzigova

Claridge's Christmas Tree By  Dolce & Gabbana  SAM WEBB ANDREW COOPER OTI...
Sam Webb, Andrew Cooper, Isaac Ferry, Tara Ferry and Oliver Cheshire

James Cook with Poppy Delevigne and Joan Collins

Oliver Cheshire, Thom Evans and Laura Bailey

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I am not Frank.

Courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana / Fashion, Frankly

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