27 October 2013

Winter is Coming: MA.STRUM Officer's Coat


I am on a mission this season to find a new coat. Shearling jackets aside, I last bought a coat some two years ago – a classic streamlined A.P.C. navy wool coat, which is perfect for any occasion. For the last couple of weeks I've been checking out the offerings of some of my favourite retailers in London and also online. So far it has proven quite a challenge to find a good balance between style, quality and price. And that's exactly why I was so happy to find out about MA.STRUM's Officer Coat.
What makes this piece so great is that, as well as a stunning timeless style, the coat is very versatile. The double-breasted front offers the possibility of removing the military metal buttons and the same goes for the belt, which you can choose to add or not. So already you have some styling options with just the one piece. My favourite feature, the lambswool top collar, is also removable, which is great to add and remove the extra warmth. Also removable are the ID wearer's right epaulette and right collar, and the liner. It's all these functionalities and a waterproof wool and nylon blend fabric that make the Officer's Coat perfect for a mild and an intense winter.

Topping it all off, with MA.STRUM you have the assurance of buying a quality product. The company is the offspring of the Massimo Osti Studio, an Italian outerwear-maker pioneer in the field. Mr Osti started revolutionising the industry back in the 80's for renowned companies Stone Island and CP Company. He was also responsible for inventing the Rubber Flax and Rubber Wool, two of the first waterproof materials, and Thermojoint, a material not only resistant to water but also to up to 80% protection from nuclear radiation! Inspired by the Massimo Osti Studio, MA.STRUM creates these beautiful stylish pieces using high-tech fabrics and technology.

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