23 October 2013

Introducing... Lescott Stewart, Available Exclusively at Harvey Nichols

This Autumn sees the launch of new menswear label Lescott Stewart, which is the brainchild of lifelong friends Joleon Lescott, Aaron Lescott and Jordan Stewart. Their new brand aims at bringing together high-end style and mainstream accessibility in quite a new way. Their experience with luxury fashion and sportswear adds an interesting point of view to the contemporary staples that make up their debut collection. Find out a bit more about the motivation and influences behind the brand, which is exclusively on sale at Harvey Nichols, on the interview below.

Fashion seems to be such a present element in the life of a successful footballer. Had fashion always been something you were interested in or was there a moment or experience earlier in your careers that made you really get into it? If so, what was it?
Joleon: Growing up my first love was always football, but a close second was fashion.
Aaron: All kids want to look sharp, whether its sportswear, casual or formal-wear. I've always wanted my style to stand out, dressing well inspires confidence.

How do you think your experiences in sport influence your choices in fabrics, shapes and styles?
Jordan: All footballers like to think they are fashionistas. Some get their style and fashion right, while some get it horribly wrong! There are numerous sport-related charity, club and broadcast events and appearances throughout the season, many formal, but some casual, which has provided a good testing ground to make your own fashion statements, which include different styles and fabrics etc, and see what works and what doesn't.

Lescott Stewart2

Which are the high fashion brands or designers who you look up to or whose style or aesthetic inspire your own?
All: Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Christian Louboutin, and Sons Of Heroes.

Sportswear has become such a relevant influence in high fashion over the last few seasons and it seems to be growing stronger. Was it a conscious move to launch your brand during this time? Do you think Lescott Stewart will always have a strong sportswear influence or are you planning on exploring different influences in the future?
Joleon: Lescott Stewart captures the fashion identities and aspirations of myself, Aaron (my brother) and Jordan Stewart (my best friend), they are my partners in the label. The range is aimed at a customer who has a keen fashion sense and British contemporary style, but who doesn’t necessarily want to spend £1000+ for outwear pieces. Our jackets cost between £300-£400 and we offer more affordable tailored designs, believing that in today’s market we form part of what we'd call mid-high-end fashion.

Your FW13 collection seems to strike all the right notes a contemporary brand should. Do you do a lot of research into upcoming trends or silhouettes or do follow your own instincts instead?
Jordan: We initially launched online to see the public's reaction to the brand. It's easier to get feedback online. Potential and actual customers are more than happy to share their views and opinions by email, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.
Aaron: Feedback is really useful for such a new brand, and has given us the added assurance that the brand is now ready for the retail market place.
Joleon: We also took early samples into training a while ago, and the lads went mad for them… They didn't understand when I said they would have to wait a couple of months 'for production'. And now some of the samples mysteriously vanished! Joe Hart, Theo Walcott, Nigel De Jong and Jack Wilshere all have pieces from Lescott Stewart. Even some faces from the music scene are wearing our stuff, including Kano, Wretch32 and 50 Cent!

Lescott Stewart

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