02 October 2013

Introducing... Burberry Travel Tailoring

Burberry - Travel Tailoring

Today sees the launch of Burberry's latest menswear line 'Travel Tailoring'. Continuing on the brand's perfect marriage of tradition and innovation, the new collection proposes classic tailored silhouettes created in a lightweight and comfortable fabric which follows the movement of the body allowing for increased flexibility.
All of the new tailoring is made from a new cloth, 100% Merino wool, developed in Biella, Italy. The long yarn of the material woven in a 'spring-like' structure on an extra large loom, which increases flexibility and reduces the creasing while maintaining its structure – hence why it's perfect for travelling.

Travel Tailoring is available in a slim fit in the traditional navy, mid grey, dark grey melange and, my favourite, the mid grey melange palette. It is also available in a number of petters such as Herringbone and Price of Wales Check (!) and it starts off at £1,195, which is actually a very competitive price for a designer two-piece suit. The new style is already available to buy online at Burberry.com

Burberry - Travel Tailorin_001

The most notable innovation is the motion canvas construction with fewer internal components. The chest canvas and shoulders contains no wadding and fewer layers while traditionally "while traditionally used horsehair canvassing extends to the shoulder, anchoring the jackets' shape and creating a sharp silhouette."

Burberry - Travel Tailorin_002
Burberry - Travel Tailorin_006
Courtesy of Burberry

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