01 October 2013

Céline FW13 Slip-Ons: Finally something we can wear


It isn't really a new thing (especially in fashion) for women to borrow styles and pieces from the men's wardrobe. This is, in fact, the base of styles such as the 'garçon look' and even of of the foundations of Coco Chanel's philosophy. Nowadays, women around the world have made theirs some our wardrobe staples disguising the theft calling our shirts oversized and our jeans 'boyfriend'. Some celebrities – see Tilda Swinton or Ciara – even borrow looks from the menswear collections to wear to events.
I have always found this terribly unfair because we have never been able to do the same to them. Womenswear silhouettes and fits make it pretty much impossible for us to steal anything without looking like hobos in drag. So this is a time to rejoice – for FW13 Céline has released, as part of their shoe collection, a line of slip on sneakers (a.k.a. designer Vans) that industry insiders have been sporting non-stop over the latest edition of the women's fashion week. And finally here is a piece that not only we can make ours but that a lot of us will simply want to buy.
My favourite pieces and the ones I think work best for men are the felt styles in grey and khaki, which are also perfect for winter. If you like a bit of a cool trend that passes as a bit of a bold print I recommend the checked style in silk, which you can match with your girldfriend's (if she can afford it) top. For the more daring and flamboyant, Céline also offers some styles in astrakhan calfskin, pony calfskin and ostrich.

Ed's Note: I hate to admit it, but it looks like Kanye West was onto something some two years ago...

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