30 September 2013

Harry Styles wears the new Nike Air Max 1


In the four months that have passed since I last posted about Harry Styles' sneaker choices that very first post about his neon Nikes has become the most visited one of the blog... ever. While I'd love to continue to milk the online power of the 'Directioners' I must admit that I continue to be genuinely interested in what Harry wears and how he Styles (geddit?) it.
This time around the singer has gone for a more retro model – the remastered Nike Air Max. I probably wouldn't have liked these at all had I not been drinking the (Nike) Kool-Aid myself for months. There is something unquestionably cool about the Max Air unit-embedded wedged sole, not to mention the benefits of a couple of extra centimetres to one's height.
Looking at the colour range online I couldn't find Style's exact model but I was quite keen on these other options in white and grey leather, all-black suede and green and burgundy leather – all available at ASOS.

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Anonymous said...

Harry has had those shoes since summer 2012, maybe that's why you can't find them anymore. Nick Grimshaw has a matching pair, they got them together http://grimmygang.tumblr.com/post/62629259657/those-darn-shoes