25 August 2013

Most Stylish of the Week: Josh Duhamel in Dolce & Gabbana and Jamie Campbell-Bower in Alexander McQueen


After all the crazy One Direction-related action happening this week I am actually quite disappointed that none of the boys have made it onto this week's Most Stylish of the Week – apart form Harry's Burberry moment, which I won't repost. It has been a pretty quiet week otherwise.
Josh Duhamel, which appears on the blog for the first time, looked great in his burgeondark-merlot Dolce & Gabbana one-button notched-lapel suit. He wore it with a teal-blue shirt, blue-and-merlot pocket square and black lace-up shoes. It's the unusual colour combination that keeps it modern.
Even though I feel like this amazing wool double-chested suit belongs in the Fall/Winter season I really liked how it looked on Aaron Paul. Even the baggy fit works for me. I love the casual leather shoes and the micro-print blue tie.
It seems like Jamie Campbell Bower wearing Alexander McQueen is always a recipe for success. The actor wore the super classic black and white tailoring combo in his usual edgy way – this way also with a neck piece instead of a tie and his awesome hair.

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Anonymous said...

Jamie looks amazing.He is really beautiful in a sick way...Perfect model beauty!