12 August 2013

A Few Reasons why The O.C. is still Relevant 10 Years Later


It has been 10 years since The O.C. first aired, which is scary for me because once you can recall well past events and need to go back in time to double digits you know you're getting old. This was possibly the first TV show I properly got into as a teen and one that not only I connected with but that also had a influence in me. I remember going shopping with Seth Cohen's style choices in mind. And I was successful once or twice – most notably with my vast collection of argyle sweaters and my deer Christmas jumper, which people in my class requested me to wear every December.
A decade later I find that not only I continue to dress somehow like I first learnt from Cohen but that a lot of his very preppy choices have become staples in a contemporary menswear wardrobe. And that is why I decided to put together this post – to prove this show (and this guy) influenced a whole generation.

From vintag-y jumpers and loopback sweatshirts to Penguin and Fred Perry polo shirts, also with a retro vibe, The O.C. made cool what we first knew as 'geek chic'. Pieces which have now become must-haves for style-concious men. The short on long sleeve combos are perhaps the least common look these days but still a favourite of mine – if only I could find long-sleeved t-shirts my size. Seth Cohen's vest jumpers, dressing gown numbers and casual blazer get-ups have now been claimed, to some extent, by hipsters. The latter was another favourite of mine to wear to school. Nothing beats a corduroy blazer over an argyle jumper at 15 years of age.


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