22 July 2013

Kit Harington Rocks a Suede Jacket and Monk-Straps at Comic Con


Kit Harington – aka Jon Snow – made an appearance over the weekend at the latest edition of Comic Con in San Diego. The actor was representing both his hit TV show 'Game of Thrones' and his upcoming movie 'Seventh Son'.
For the press conference of the latter the actor wore a cool outfit including muted white trousers, which he paired with a casual t-shirt. The look came to life thanks to the beautiful suede jacket with knit detailing at the collar and cuffs and the pair of monk-strap shoes he donned.
The reason why I like this so much is because it feels really current and hits a lot of the right 'fashion' notes without being trendy. It's a casual and masculine outfit, which works for many occasions.

I had a look at what Mr Porter has to offer in terms of suede jackets and monk straps and this is are some of my favourites. Please note I am not a fan of single strap monks so I went for the double options.

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