31 May 2013

The Quest to find Mike Ross' Ties Comes to an End

Back in November I embarked on a quest to find the beautifully modern single-diagonal-stripe ties that the character Mike Ross wears on the TV show 'Suits'. It has been a long long quest – though, to be fair, I have a day job so I can't say I lost hours of sleep for this – but it has now come to an end.
After spotting Dave Franco earlier this week in a colour-block skinny tie didn't recognise or could find I decided I would try once again to find the (goddamn) ties. Luckily, the good gods of fashion smiled down on me and reminded me of The Tie Bar, the only online store I had never checked for the ties. And that was, of course, where I found them. And in abundance.
The Tie Bar is one of American GQ's go-to shops for neck attire and accessories so it's no wonder the stylists over at at the show went to them as well. I recommend you check out the store in general – they also do my favourite tie bars (duh!) in the world.
And my luck didn't end there, I even found an exact match for another of Mike Ross' ties worn in one of the last episodes we've seen in the current season. It's a Rag & Bone skinny black model with two ultra thin white and grey stripes across and it's available at Nordstrom.

Screen Capture, JustJared


Tobias said...

Acutally you are incorrect. On the website of suits, you can read that Mike Ross uses mostly Gucci ties. But those a close to them.

Any idea where one could still get the original ones?

Here is the link: http://www2.usanetwork.com/series/suits/features/s2style/#prettyPhoto

Iñaki said...

Thank you!