13 May 2013

Most Stylish of the Week: Basically just Chris Pine Looking Ace


Once again, I am sorry for the lateness of the post. A great weekend culminated with some late-night last-minute work on Sunday night to kick off the week early.
In any case, Chris Pine pretty much dominated the week in terms of style. He is one of those celebrity guys who I feel like I would get along with – we could 'hang' as they say. His biggest hit of the past 7 days was his super sharp pin stripe number by Ralph Lauren. I must admit pin stripe, especially the wide kind, is not a go-to pattern of mine but here it brings back a bit of flavour first from the 20's and then from the 50's, which paired with the modern micro polka dot tie and the immaculate cut of the pieces makes for quite a unique vision.
Pine's second best look was also spot-on and mixed a classic double-breasted grey suit with contemporary elements – the very on-trend dashes of orange and perfect tan leather Oxford shoes.
Also this week Luke Evans wore a three-piece suit with a very fitting slim silhouette made interesting with a burgundy traditional tie and matching pocket square. The Welshman knew how to make the most of his bespoke number by Thom Sweeney.

Bringing back the Best Grooming of the Week, it's back to Chris Pine. The actor went for my favourite grooming combo of all time – a slightly scruffy beard and tidy gelled hair, which suited him perfectly and brought out his killer blue eyes. Yes, even I can't get over those.


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Double breasted suits forever!