08 May 2013

Introducing 'The Hood' by L'Estrange London


I am one of those guys you will never see in a hoodie unless I'm at home or at the gym (as if). It's not that I'm not a fan, on the contrary, they could be a great casual piece to wear to work and for drinks, especially in the Spring. I am quite particular when it comes to fit and cut so I'm not too keen on the slouchy feel most hoodies have, it feels too informal. I need a slim cut and a structured hood I can wear anytime. This is where 'The Hood' comes in.
L'Estrange London was born as a project between two friends who wanted to create the hood with the perfect fit, style and produce it with the best materials. What they came up with was a smarter more luxurious take on the sportswear piece by taking a construction approach similar to that of tailored jackets. Even some of the details like the breast and internal pockets and the buggy lining are taking from traditional tailored jackets. My favourite part of their chic and modern design has to be the lining, which ranges from classic Oxford stripes to more daring prints such as paisley and their latest feather print created in collaboration with Liberty.
All the L'Estrange pieces are produced with 100% cotton jersey knitted in Portugal (home to the best jersey in Europe). Even non-jersey elements have a luxury approach – the zips are produced in Italy and the hood chords are exclusively produced for them in 100% cotton.
At £175 - £195, you're not buying your average hoodie here – this is a luxury item for the modern man who cares as much about quality and style as he does about comfort.

Explore the L'Estrange London website here, where you will also be able to buy 'The Hood'. I definitely need 'The Red Paisley' in my life this season! And it's not just that their products are great but their art direction and packaging are bang-on.

The Green Paisley - Tom Warren
Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 14.15.50
Zip, Green Paisley
Courtesy of L'Estrange London

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