30 May 2013

How to Wear the White Suit, Inspired by Bradley Cooper


I have always had an allergy of sorts to all-white clothing. I hardly ever wear white jeans or chinos and I've never put on a white blazer or jacket because this seemingly common colour can make a bigger statement than any bold hue. It is also incredibly unforgiving – if not beautifully cut, washed, ironed and fit it will only enhance everything you would like to conceal. Not to mention very few men could pull it off even with all of the above ticked.
Even though Bradley Cooper isn't exactly an every-day man – as much as I'd like to I can't quite relate to him – his latest red carpet offering in a full white suit with cuffed trousers worn with classic blue notes and leather shoes has awaken something in me to make me dare and try this look. The first step is to find a slim-fitted suit (baggy white clothes read retired holidaymaker). Keep the lines very simple and avoid any fussy detailing and pair them up with classic pieces put together in a modern way.
Of the options available online I feel most inclined to try the more casual takes as proposed by ASOS or Valentino, which I would wear with any of the pieces below.


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