22 May 2013

He's Fly: Bill Skarsgård (aka: Six Reasons to Watch 'Hemlock Grove')

After weeks debating whether I should I started watching 'Hemlock Grove' this week and I am already halfway through the first season. (Which means I started it yesterday and have wasted all of my free time on this). I must admit the show is a lot better than I expected, especially if you consider the supernatural element which seems to be a given on every TV show these days.
One of the best things about the show – apart from the great production value – is Bill Skarsgård, who plays Roman Godfrey on the show. The youngest of the Viking Swedish dynasty is not only very talented but also über-stylish in and out of the small screen. And so I am giving you 6 (stylish) reasons to watch the show.

1. He wears knit blazers.
A favourite of mine, they have always been claimed as grandfather wardrobe territory. An old man at heart, I feel super comfortable in them and there's a relaxed but chic vibe to them. On Bill they also happen to look ridiculously cool.
2. He has exceptional hair.
I can never emphasise enough what good hair can do for you. If, like Bill, you find the effortless cut that really suits you there is no better accessory in the world.


3. He drives a convertible Jaguar XK 150 from the late 50's - early 60's (yes, I had to Google that)
Good cars seem to come with the good-looking-but-slightly-fucked-up-supernatural-rebel-going-to-high-school look but I am particularly keen on this red Jaguar model from my favourite era. Roman looks great driving to school in it and doesn't seem to care about the constricted space inside when performing extracurricular activities.


4. He wears short-sleeved cardigans.
Only Andrew Garfield and 50+ Italian-American New Yorkers with a belly had been able to pull this look off since the 60's. Bill wears it like an all time classic – I would too if I was a handsome Viking Swede 1.92m tall – and layers it under a blazer for a cool school look.


5. He has a bit of all the best characters in TV and Film.
He's got the flair for fashion of Sebastian Flyte, the charming devilish attitude of Sebastian Valmont and the fucked-up negated child but deep-down-caring quality of Zeke Tyler.


6. He wears tuxedos to Homecoming and blazers to school.
There are no baby blue ruffled shirts and oversized lapels in sight for high school dances or baggy jeans and filthy hoodies sitting at his desk at school.



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