29 May 2013

Duchamp London's Cufflinks: A Story of British Craftsmanship

Ever since I first got into fashion when I was quite young I have had a fascination with the creative process designers and brands go through to produce their products. The fascination is more intense with the physical act of creating, which is why I've spent many hours of my life watching videos and documentaries and carefully observing how anything from suits to socks are made. This is why I loved these images below taken by the talented Jonathan Daniel Pryce for Duchamp London.
The photographer visited the brand's Kent-based workshop where their master craftsman creates their very singular cufflinks, which are all cast in the studio by hand following Duchamp's detailed designs.
Enjoy the video above and the pictures below and make sure to stop by the Duchamp website to take a look at their cufflink collection – I am curretnly fixated on the 'Vortex Crystal' (veryJay Gatsby) and the 'South Beach' (perfect for a summer night). And I am also looking forward to these animalistic collection I am sure we'll be seeing soon.

Courtesy of Jonathan Daniel Pryce for Duchamp

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