07 April 2013

Most Stylish of the Week: Zac Efron, Penn Badgley & Shia LeBeouf


Either this past week has been terribly quiet in the menswear department or I am useless at finding images online. One way or another, this post is not as exciting as I would've liked it to be.
Zac Efron's appearance on the post is a bit of a cheat because he hasn't dressed himself as he's in the set of his latest film. But seeing that most celebrities get dressed, to a certain extent, by someone else I thought it would be okay. The proportions of this look couldn't be more perfect. I love the printed tie worn with the button-down shirt but my favourite part of the look are the penny loafers. Worn sock-less and with slightly cropped trousers they're the chicest option for the spring, specially if you get to play around with casual Friday at work.
Ever since wrapping up Gossip Girl Penn Badgley has taken scruffy to a whole new level way past chic. This week he seems to have put an end of his lack of personal hygiene and married the scruffy vibe with a relaxed yet cool look. I love the touch of the tuxedo jacket worn over the loose yellow tee and the brown Oxford shoes. Red circles on your eyes are never a good touch, though.
If you scroll down to forget about Shia LeBeouf's out of control facial hair his Prada suit and polo shirt make for a knock-out outfit. The fit of the suit if perfect and the slight shine and dash of burgundy of the polo shirt bring in a dash of refined sportswear. And the cast? Well, I'm more of a white clay and and crutches kind of man, but whatever floats his boat.

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