28 April 2013

Most Stylish of the Week: All about Ermenegildo Zegna


After last week's strict editing, I decided to indulge myself for today's post and only cut down the list of most stylish guys down to nine.
It was definitely a week monopolised by the great style of Ermenegildo Zegna. Daniel Henney, Chris Hemsworth and Tyler Atkins were in Sidney for Ermenegildo Zegna's Wool Trophey, which culminated in a big fashion show. All three guys trusted the Italian house to dress them in their finest fashion, which resulted in three superb fashion moments, all in their own particular style. My favourite, I must admit, was Aitken's clay number. The loose fit, printed shirt and brown accessories matched his tan and wavy blond hair perfectly – never lose the surfer dude in you, even in a suit.
Somewhere else in the world, Chris Pine also chose Ermenegildo Zegna to look classic and sharp during his press tour. This time the grey number with a slight pinstripe was paired with a classic white shirts, a subtly trendy striped tie and tan leather shoes, which I always love with a grey suit.


I tend to have a slightly odd reaction to Tom Hiddleston's looks. I think he is one of the most effortlessly elegant actors around and he always looks spotless but I often hope for something new. This week he gave us exactly that in this checked wool silk blend suit by Giorgio Armani. He paired it with a tie in the same colour palette and a white shirt. I personally love the details of the jacket – split lapel, one button.
Johannes Huebl doesn't only go out with one of the most attractive and stylish women in fashion but he also looks right on the money all the time. This week he was in Germany celebrating the opening of the latest Louis Vuitton store. The model wore a black double-chested number from the French house, which he perfectly accessorised with some blue and lilac notes on his tie and pocket square and a pair of super cool suede brown boots.
I'm happy to finally have Darren Criss on this post because his character in Glee is one of the most stylish guys on TV but his personal style tends to be a bit overdone. This week he looked great in a pair of chinos worn with a white shirt. I love the light safari jacket to go with it, which gives it a sportswear touch in contrast with the more sophisticated leather belt and penny loafers.
Sebastian Stan probably didn't care about what he was wearing, which is why he looked so cool. Few guys could pull off a sheer jersey top, which here looks great with the relaxed silhouette of the jacket. It would have been just perfect had the jeans been taken up a few inches on the bottom.
Even though this tuxedo look is getting a bit old by now Justin Timberlake in Tom Ford continues to be a great equation. I love the dotted pattern of the jacket and the more relaxed hair. And this might just be me, but a bowtie can be slouchy.

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Mensu said...

All the suits are cool, I especially love the one Chris Hemsworth is wearing.