03 April 2013

Just in: Herschel Settlement Backpack


When I posted my 25th Birthday wishlist little over a month ago I never expected anyone (but me) to take it seriously. It looks like some of my friends really do pay attention to what I do on the blog and so they decided to get me the Herschel Settlement Backpack I wanted in the camo, red and blue.
Funnily enough, I had been thinking about buying it from ASOS for the last two weeks because I am tired of carrying my laptop bag to work everyday. The Herschel bag has not only a cool red micro-striped lining but it comes with a built-in laptop sleeve pocket, so it's the perfect bag for travelling, going to work or just to the gym (if I ever do go, this is where I'll carry my stuff).
Belated birthday presents do make the best surprises. And I can't wait to wear this one to work this week!

You can get the Herschel Settlement Backpack in camouflage at ASOS here. For a wider Herschel range, click here.


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