26 March 2013

Most Stylish of the Week: John Snow debuts with a double hit


First of all, let me apologise for the radio silence. Last week started out quite busy at work just before my 25th birthday on Thursday and a nice visit from a good friend for the weekend. So I had my hands full.
And the week was just as busy style-wise. Daniel Radcliffe has really become one of the sharpest dressed young actors around. His classic black and white combo by Spencer Hart for the Empire Awards, which he wore with classic Grenson lace-ups.
David Beckham wears a tracksuit bottom as easily as a three piece suit. This week he rocked a tucked-in tie to show off his football skills in China. Perfect haircut too, not much else to say.
The opening of the David Bowie exhibition at the V&A in London brought out some of the coolest guys in town who decked up in Gucci. Such was the case of Mr Hudson, who pulled off the beautiful micro print double-chested number like a pro.
Tom Hiddleston always looks elegant but I especially loved this Emporio Armani number playing with different shades of blue and featuring one of my favourite accessories – the collar pin.
My happiest moment of the week, I must admit, was Kit Harington's public (or candid) appearances. The actor looked super cool first arriving in the US in slim jeans, Chelsea boots and a blue suede bomber jacket (a man after my own heart) and then suited up in grey chinos and a black slim blazer, which he wore with black desert boots and a casual jersey polo shirt. It's less than a week now before we can see him suited up in leather and fur again on Game of Thrones!
Justin Chatwin showed this week how perfectly fitted casual clothes can sometimes be as cool as a suit. It's a pretty straight-forward look topped off by a killer haircut and an ace mustard jacket.
Speaking of good haircuts, Austin Butler was also out and about this week with this incredible hair – someone should really give him an award. There really is nothing special about his outfit but the hair is so good I thought he deserved a spot in the post.

JustJared, Getty

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