14 February 2013

The Birthday Dilemma: Vol. 2

As you might know already – how could you not when I've mentioned it on almost every post – I am turning 25 in little over a month, the 21st of March to be exact. As I do every year, I start putting together a wish list of items I would like to get (or be given). And I feel like turning a quarter of a century not only justifies this obsessive habit but it calls for a special selection.
I have blogged about the Valentino camo sneakers quite a few times over the last few months and they are finally available online here and here. After much thinking I had decided to go for this chicer darker model. It's subtle and timeless and, hell, I can ever wear them to the gym. However, I made the mistake of checking out the rest of the SS13 arrivals at Matches driven, mostly, by the fact that I recently bought two new pairs of sneakers. And I found the most amazing pair of Bottega Veneta intrecciato suede trainers in a beige colour perfect for spring. This has put me in the same situation I was last year, when I couldn't decide which pair to go for.

And so I have decided to ask you, fellow style seekers, to help me make up my mind. Please vote on the box below for the pair you think I should get.

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