28 February 2013

Living in London with Capital One Aspire World

As you will remember, I already posted about my first experiences with my new Capital One Aspire World card during my stay in Milan for fashion week. And I thought it was only fair to talk about my thoughts after using it for two months.
The truth is I am extremely pleased with the entire process. As I mentioned last time, the Aspire World card gives 5% cashback every month for the first three months. This sounds great in abstract but is even better in reality! On my first month I got £50 cashback, which is pretty amazing because I essentially paid that much less than I actually spent!
It is also extremely easy to pay back your monthly balance. If, like me, you choose not to set up a direct debit you can either pay over the phone – to the very helpful and nice customer services team – or you can do it yourself online. Also online you can keep track of your expenditure and balance. But even better is the Capital One iPhone app! You can literally check your account anywhere, anytime. For someone like me who often forgets to check these things at home the Capital One app is a life-saver!
After Milan and the great first experience with the cashback I came to the conclusion that it was actually better to use my Aspire World card for all my daily payments – whether it is a dinner, drinks, takeaway, a new pair of shoes or jeans, a new book or magazine or my weekly groceries. If you keep your debit card usage only for taking cash out you'll find this system pays off!

Here is a bit of what I've been up to with my "black card".
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Steak & frites at Electric House – Late night dinner at Duck & Waffle

My new Nike Free Run +3 – My new Nudie Jeans

Drinks at Soho House – Domino's Pizza takeaway

An Extraordinary Theory of Objects, by Stephanie LaCava – Vogue Paris

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