11 February 2013

Best Dressed at the BAFTAs & Grammys 2013


The great Hardy Amies said: "A man should look as if he has bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them". In other words, make sure you're comfortable in what you wear, don't ever try to hard or let your clothes wear you. And this goes double for evening wear. Last night we saw plenty of good examples of this on the BAFTAs and the Grammys red carpets.
No one wears a suit like a Brit – unless you're Ryan Gosling or Samuel L. Jackson. Even guys like Dave Berry and Alex Zane, who tried a little too hard, manage to look seemingly good at the BAFTAs. Nicholas Hoult, one of my favourite dudes at the moment because he is so relaxed and natural about everything. The same goes for Eddie (Fly) Redmayne who rocked a skinny Burberry tux last night before spending the awards ceremony throwing his guts out backstage. Samuel L. Jackson participated in one of the biggest trends of the night: velvet. He went for a classic 3-piece look of exquisite proportions.
Damien Lewis and Luke Evans also went for velvet but they were a little more daring. Damien in a full teal green number by Burberry – my favourite velvet look of the night – and Luke in a burgundy blazer with split satin lapels worn with black suit trousers.


Over in LA Americans were walking their finest attire down the Grammy's red carpet at the Staples Centre. Guys in the music industry are known for their pomp, which usually results in whacky outfits no one understands. A lot of them go to the other extreme going so simple or casual there is little to comment. Luckily, Justin Timberlake is back in business so we know we're going to keep getting incredible Tom Ford moments like this one last night. It was a kind of old school look not many people could pull off but one which looked cool and current on JT – and even more so in action. Also last night I found out about country up-and-comer Hunter Hayes, who is a sort of make Taylor Swift. He's 21 and just under 1.70m and I always root for short stylish guys. Even though I don't approve of his converse choice last night I thought his monochrome number was fit to perfection and I can appreciate a guy who knows how to wear a tie clip. It looks like John Mayer has decided to dazzle us with his sartorial choices while he lets his voice rest after surgery. The signer went for a lilac-y blue velvet blazer, which he paired with a blue silk bowtie. It could have been a little clown-ish but he's John Mayer, he can do as he pleases.


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