27 January 2013

How to do Monochrome, by Ashton Kutcher


What has everyone been up to this week? Sundance has been quite disappointing this season, with celebrities not taking advantage of the 'alpine chic' look. There have also been a few premieres but I didn't fancy making a post full of black suits, elegant as they might be.
The most interesting outfit I've seen all week has been Ashton Kutcher's monochrome number above. There is nothing chicer than a well put together casual outfit with different shades of neutral colours. And so I put together a similar look, which is perfect for the Spring. Instead of Ashton's light tweed jacket, I have gone for a slim-fit classic cotton one by Canali. I've paired it with a slightly lighter pair of slim cotton chinos by Slowear and a basic white tee with a pocket and a wider crew neck by J.Crew. Even though I can't see the shoes Kutcher is wearing I would like to think he didn't screw it all up with an ugly pair of shoes. I would wear the whole outfit with a beautiful monochrome pair of suede and patent leather Lanvin sneakers or a simple pair of white leather Nike's.

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