12 December 2012

The Contract: A new short film by Pankhurst London

I had been hearing a lot about Pankhurst London's latest short film during my last few visits so I was really intrigued to see what they had come up with. Especially after having seen their last one a few months ago.
'The Contract' is the third in their series of Head-to-Toe films and carries on with the sleek 60's vibe that can't help but remind me of a Bond movie. The film follows a sharply dressed and groomed hit man as he makes his way to find his target at a stunning stately manner in the countryside. The whole story is not only beautifully shot but also styled to perfection featuring Thom Sweeney, Grenson, Manolo Blahnik and selected pieces from Mr Porter. If you add some kick-ass Dent & Co watches, my favourite Bentley – Aceca Coupe – and a cameo by Stefan Avanzato into the equation you get a highly successful film which represents everything Pankhurst stands for.

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