01 November 2012

On a quest to find Mike Ross' Ties


I first fell in love with this type of ties a while back when I saw this look on Ryan Gosling. I am not the biggest fan of diagonal-striped ties but I find them really interesting when there's only one across or when they're scattered asymmetrically. I went a little crazy trying to find a similar version online but I couldn't and so I gave up.
But again at the end of the summer I was reminded of the tie while I watched the latest season of Suits. Mike Ross sports several models like this in the show. I suspected they were by Thom Browne – who wouldn't with that colour combination, right? – but I seemed to be wrong. So I am making this post out of sheer despair asking for help. Putting a 'Have you seen this tie?' on the side of a milk carton seemed melodramatic. So, please, if you know of any ties like this let me know below on the comments section or on Twitter.
These below are seemingly close (in concept) to what I am looking for. The first two are nice but a tad too boring for me and the third is the perfect stripe design (by Thom Browne) but not the right distribution.


Alex said...

The tie on the left is a Dries Van Noten Tie, and the one on the left is made by Gucci. I've been looking for he same ties and found out who made them on suits' website. The problem is I can't find where I can buy them because they aren't on sale on either of the companies websites.

Anonymous said...


may this one ?

Anonymous said...


this one !

Anonymous said...

Same quest as you my man!
Any progress?
Can help each other out. :)

Anonymous said...

hey guys i finally found it!!
it's from The Tie Bar:

-Marc from Singapore