17 November 2012

Most Stylish of the Week: Robert Pattinson has a green Gucci moment


JGL week excluded, I think this is the best Most Stylish of the Week post I've had so far. With the CFDA Fashion Fund, the Glamour and GQ Awards, and multiple movie premieres including the world tour of the 'Twilight' cast I have been absolutely spoiled for choice this week. So I decided to actually rank my favourite eight looks and to let you, unknown stylish reader, choose who your favourite is on the poll box below.
Robert Pattinson's green Gucci moment (1) had all the cool ingredients we hadn't seen since Ryan Gosling set a similar (and, ahem, better) precedent a few months back. He has continued to look extremely sharp and original at every one of his press tour stops. I also loved his textured grey number (2) from the German premiere. If only he hadn't repeated shirt and tie...
Taylor Lautner has also been doing surprisingly well. It's not only that clothes fit him well but, though less sartorial than Pattinson's, his choices of colour are quite interesting. I have never liked an all-black suit ensemble but this one (3) looks so good!
I was close to cutting this look (4) from today's post because of Pharrell Williams' awful choice of belt and comical attempt at joining Movember. But then again, it's Pharrell. His Lanvin look was as relaxed as it was chic and the sock-less situation and said facial hair actually give suit a sort of Mexicana feel that I'm actually quite into.
Hamish Bowles (5) could probably be in this post every week but I feel like he has the advantage to have been 'playing the game' better and longer than the rest of us. His pattern mixing, not to mention matching sock action, makes me realise I know nothing.
Not everyone has the build to pull of a Tom Ford suit. What with the broad lapels, long jackets and wide ties a man has to be tall and seemingly buff not to get lost in one. Bradley Cooper (6) is that man. I loved the subtle check and the way he knows a blue shirt is his best ally.
Even though I'm still undecided about Chris Pine's Ralph Lauren Purple Label look (7) on the red blue carpet I do commend the purple/lilac touches and the choice of shirt collar. I wish we saw more signature Ralph Lauren on celebrities rather than bland bard suits.
Cory Monteith (8) was probably the last person I ever thought I'd ever blog about. But I must admit that I find this slightly odd brown-black suit with the burgundy tie and the velvet shoes kind of fascinating.

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