04 November 2012

Most Stylish of the Week: Matt Bomer's airport look and One Direction
wears Burberry


I would have thought that this week would be a crazy one what with Halloween and the Twilight Saga guys touring around the world. But it wasn't. Perhaps we ought to blame this on Sandy too.
Taylor Lautner was the only of the guys to look sharp this week. I'm not usually a huge fan of the goth suit combo but I admit the black shirt and tie work perfectly with his textured grey suit. The fit is perfect and the subtle green touch of the shoes somehow works.
This guy saved the week for me because before I found this picture I was going to scrap this week's post. Matt Bomer flew back to LA in possibly one of the best airport looks I've ever seen. Even though it screams "I-don't-give-a-f*ck" we all know even these outfits take a little thinking. The colour combination is brilliant (shoes, jacket, hat, shades) and looks even better over the super casual blues of the shirt and the jeans. But it's the scarf and the beard that really give it the attitude.
I don't know if I've ever mentioned here how annoying I find Kanye West - now you know. But even then I find it hard to overlook some of his outfits sometimes. His Halloween outfit this year was as suave as it was lame, which reminded me of myself because I hate fancy dress. Kanye went for a chic sailor look that would have made Jean Paul Gaultier proud and that, frankly, should make him rethink his all-black dressing rule.
Also this week Vogue UK revealed a story on One Direction shot by Patrick Demarchelier. The guys look mighty cool in their head-to-toe Burberry attire. I particularly love that they're wearing my favourite polka dot ties. Hopefully we'll get to see a proper full editorial with them soon. They're definitely well on their way, this month they also cover the new issue of Wonderland.

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