20 November 2012

Introducing... Dyer-Smith Frey

135_2 Monkey Bar

I have never posted about interiors or design before because even though it is probably my biggest interest after fashion I know nowhere as much about its in and outs. I finally decided to break the habit after my last trip abroad. A few weeks ago I spent the weekend in Zurich to visit a very dear friend. I had been there before, about 13 years ago, so not only my memories and perceptions of the city were different but a city can change a lot during that time.
The most charming thing about Zurich is the fact that on the surface it appears untouched by time and yet it's so obviously a city of the 21st century with a buzzing nightlife. It's a beautifully relaxed place with a subtle but undeniable luxurious touch. Visiting the city with a local is always the best way to know it and this particular guide of mine is not only a great friend but a super talented London-trained interior designer who just happens to work for Dyer-Smith Frey, Zurich's coolest design company.
It was also a coincidence that my three favourite places from my trip are all designed by them. On my first night in Zurich I fell in love with the Monkey Bar, a 20's inspired space with the perfect balance between modern design and vintage references. A mossy colour palette and a Chesterfield sofa are always a good touch in my book. Even though I didn't actually go inside it I loved the old-school and slightly New York-meets-Paris feel of Brasserie Louis. Just upstairs from it is Tina Bar, my favourite spot in Zurich. Also inspired in the 20's, this bar referenced my favourite decade more literally by reflecting that fun and verboten feel of a speakeasy. I can't think of anywhere nicer to drink an Old Fashioned.

I also had a chance to visit the Dyer-Smith Frey showroom. In addition to their excellent interior design work the two partners also design their own collection of furniture. As I said before, I am no expert in this field and I follow a sort of gut feeling for these things that stems from my taste and aesthetic preferences. But these furniture pieces tick all the boxes. Just like with some of their interiors, the furniture references other decades popular in design but they do so in such a contemporary way. Some of my personal favourites are the Vice TV stand, the TV Loker, The Station and the Lounge Chair (!!).

Check out their super slick website here to find out more about their work and products.

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