21 October 2012

Most Stylish of the Week: James Bond, Spider-Man & Chuck Bass


If anyone had any doubts about why Daniel Craig is James Bond this should help clear it up. The super traditional colour combination could have been boring were it not for the perfect fit of the suit. The proportions are spot-on to the millimetre. I smell Tom Ford?
Andrew Garfield was really showing off all the new muscles he had to get to be Spidey. And who could blame him. I don't love the slight shine of his polo shirt but I like the casual chic vibe it has paired with the chinos and deck shoes. Also, another great lesson in grooming. When going for a scruffy beard a gelled hairdo will always balance it out.
John Mayer turned 35 this week and had a well overdue trim, which made him look 10 years younger and 8 kilos lighter. As much as I wish he went for slightly slimmer clothes I was quite keen oh his birthday dinner outfit. It's all about the velvet bowtie and denim jacket – a combo I will be trying myself.
The Gossip Girl boys have been filming non-stop for the last few weeks and have finally wrapped their last season of the show. In style. Ed Westwick showed us mortals a man shouldn't be scared of bold pin stripe suits. In fact, we should embrace them with a whole lot of pattern mixing enthusiasm. Penn Badgley, on the other hand, decided to leave his boring suits in Brooklyn and go for a beautiful Alexander McQueen suit from the FW12 collection. The tie is just a tad too short but that blazer is a killer.

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