13 October 2012

Most Stylish of the Week: Casual chic


I always get a certain feeling of accomplishment when a few of 'Most Stylish of the Week' match with those of American GQ. I guess it's easier when we don't have a particularly busy week in menswear.
Ashton Kutcher, whom I'm equally happy and jealous of for going out with Mila Kunis, went for the ultimate casual chic combination this week. A tweed blazer and plaid shirt is always a winner. I am not a fan of the shoes but I love the touch of the baseball hat and shades, which give it a 'Ivy League' vibe.
Robbert Pattinson's I-don't-give-a-damn outfits have become a lot more stylish since parting ways with K Stew. I love a bit of black and blue action and the slid back beanie tops it all off, literally, with a touch of boho chic.
This week we also witnessed Roo Panes' third lesson on how to wear a Burberry flannel jacket. First, he showed us a smart evening look, followed by an effortless scruffy but cool ensemble. Now it's time for the casual chic outfit finished off with a clean shave and a dapper pair of purple Jimmy Choo 'Hamilton' loafers.

The best groomed guy of the week is Matthew Fox in his latest editorial for Da Man magazine. I love it when men understand the power of striking the perfect balance between the scruffy and the polished. A stubble with a gel slicked-back hairdo is one of my favourite tricks for an elegant but not overly smart look. And this is exactly what the stylist for the shoot has done for Matthew. If only he kept it up off camera...

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