05 October 2012

James Bond wears Orlebar Brown

Courtesy of Orlebar Brown

I haven't been this excited about a Bond film for years. I realised this as I watched the 'Skyfall' trailer for the 3rd time yesterday at the cinema. It really makes me happy that not only 007 is going to his darker place yet but also that part of the film takes place in London. If this wasn't enough, Adele will sing over the opening credits and Tom Ford has suited up Bond once again.
I have grown to like Daniel Craig as the English spy and to even understand his semi-naked scenes in the films. He's supposed to be a sex magnet, isn't he? There is no beach scene à la Ursula Andres in 'Skyfall', instead Bond goes for a late night swim. And this time is properly geared up in Orlebar Brown, the best swimwear there is. If only they could have covered him as well in 'Casino Royale' so that we didn't have to go through that awkward spandex walk...

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