12 October 2012

He's fly: Chuck Bass

The last season of Gossip Girl started this week and, cringy as it has got over the last six years, I can't help but want to finish what I started. So I am watching. And we still have Chuck Bass style to make up for the insanely cheesy lines and the absurd amount of poker-related puns.
If I didn't know better I would think that Eric Daman has been reading Fashion, Frankly. Not only Chuck is now sporting the haircut of the moment but he also gave a lesson in pattern mixing that would make Tim Gunn weak at the knees. The plaid flannel jacket, though too much for the summer, looks so great with the micro check of the shirt. And just in case anyone thought that the solid blue bow tie (perfectly tied) was too safe, there's the paisley pocket square matching the colour palette and adding the final twist of genius.

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