31 October 2012

Church's presents the "Flexible Goodyear Welted Collection"


I am always fascinated with how some of Britain's oldest and most traditional houses seem to also be the most innovative ones. This season Church's, which was founded in 1873, is presenting the 'Flexible Goodyear Welted Collection'. The brand wanted to give their classic welted shoe more flexibility, which they have managed by using a lightweight rib on the insole and special oil treatments on the sole. The leather, which could be harmed from the bending, is softened with sophisticated tanning processes. The great thing about this is that your shoes will last longer but you don't have to give up the timeless style or Church's craftsmanship. I am looking forward to seeing these bad boys up close at the press day in a couple of weeks.

ChurchsFelixible2 Courtesy of Church's

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