25 October 2012

A closer look at Giorgio and Emporio Armani SS13


Since I hardly ever get to do re-sees of my favourite menswear shows I always look forward to 'Press Day season' because I love having the chance to have a closer look at all the collections. One of the first ones was Armani this week.
I recently posted about the Emporio Armani SS13 collection, which I really enjoyed. I loved getting a feel of the amazing textiles the ultra light blazers were made of. The flecked one above was one of my favourite pieces. As were the olive green leather biker jacket and the tortoiseshell accessories, especially the monk strap shoes.
The Giorgio Armani line was even more exquisite. There is a real sense of modernity and expected uses and combinations of materials but the cuts are classically Armani. I could have easily taken the whole collection of blazers home with me. They have the most beautiful prints and textures you could wish for summer. Some of my other highlights were the leather lined double-chested trench coat, the croc lace-up shoes and the incredible travel bags and carry-ons.

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